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Blur something out in DaVinci Resolve

Video Notes

Summary of how to blur something out in DaVinci Resolve:

  • Isolate the part of the clip that has the thing you want to blur out
  • Switch to the Color page and find the Window options
  • Add a rectangle window and resize it so it covers the thing you want to blur
  • Switch to the Tracker options and press Track Forward to record the movement of the thing you’re blurring
  • Switch to the Blur options and increase the radius to a value such as 2 (the higher the number, the greater the blur)

If the thing you’re tracking moves off screen you might need to manually fine-tune the tracking data. To do that:

  • In the Tracker options switch from Clip to Frame mode
  • Anytime you move your rectangle window in Frame mode, it will add a new keyframe recording that movement

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