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Google API OAuth - Local URLs for authorized redirect

Dynamic environment configs in Laravel Dusk (duskapiconf)

Rounded corners in Photoshop (2024)

SSH Remote development with VSCode

VSCode Remote SSH Keeps disconnecting FIXED

VSCode PHP CS Fixer: executablePath not found (junstyle)

Create a freeze frame in DaVinci Resolve

Blur background for vertical videos in DaVinci Resolve

Export a still image in DaVinci Resolve

Blur something out in DaVinci Resolve

Change the speed of multiple clips in DaVinci Resolve

Record a voice-over in DaVinci Resolve

Run phpMyAdmin on a Mac (Herd / DBngin)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Conclusion (#9)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Form Processing (#8)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Eloquent & Collections (#7)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Eloquent Models & Seeding (#6)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Database & Migrations (#5)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Views & Blade (#4)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Controllers (#3)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Routes (#2)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Intro & Installation (#1)

New Laravel application with Herd and DBngin

Migrating Laravel site from XAMPP to Herd and DBngin

Laravel error: Integrity constraint violation - foreign key constraint fails

Deploying Laravel - MySQL / MariaDB database setup (Ubuntu)

Sequel Ace - Connecting to a Forge managed databases

Forge Under the Hood - Databases (MySQL / MariaDB)

Forge Under the Hood - Scheduler (Cron)

Forge Under the Hood - Daemons (Supervisor)

Configuring subdomains on Apache web servers

Configuring a subdomain on a Nginx web server

Copy files from a server to your computer using command line / SSH SCP

Laravel fix for 419 Page Expired - CSRF Tokens

Laravel permissions for storage and bootstrap/cache (Apache or Nginx)

mysql_secure_installation Failed! Error: SET PASSWORD has no significance for user root

Migrate from MySQL to MariaDB (Ubuntu)

Install and configure MySQL / MariaDB (Ubuntu)

Deploy Laravel on Ubuntu Apache server

Deploy Laravel on Ubuntu Nginx server

Vue.js Simplified - FULL COURSE


VSCode - Backup and Reset to Default Settings (Mac)

Understand DNS settings for email sending (MailGun)

How to configure a domain and DNS settings with MailGun

VSCode - Customize your keyboard shortcuts

VSCode - Keyboard shortcuts to increase font size instead of zooming window

Safely run commands you find online

Install Composer on a Mac - PHP dependency management

Upgrading to PHP 8.2 (Ubuntu with Apache)

Upgrading to PHP 8.2 (Ubuntu with Nginx)

Composer require a forked repository

SSH Keys and Github

Coding Rock, Paper, Scissors with a math equation

Common Laravel Installation Issues (500 Server Error)

Fix for SSH Permission Denied (Public Key)

Creating a SSH key connection with a server

Enable Swap Space an Ubuntu server - Easy Backup RAM Memory

PHP Configuration - Locating and Editing php.ini (Apache, Nginx, PHP FPM)

Upgrading with Laravel Shift - Full process with useful troubleshooting tips

Local email testing in Laravel

Quick Guide to Custom VSCode Snippets

Vue.js Simplified - DevTools & Wrap-up (#15)

Vue.js Simplified - Composition API (#14)

Vue.js Simplified - Single File Components (#13)

Vue.js Simplified - Working with Vite and Vue (#12)

Vue.js Simplified - Vite Build System (#11)

PATH Variable (Mac)

PATH Variable (Windows)

Vue.js Simplified - Building FlashWord (#10)

Vue.js Simplified - Computed Properties & Watchers (#9)

Vue.js Simplified - Form Input Binding (#8)

Vue.js Simplified - Attribute Binding (#7)

Vue.js Simplified - List Rendering (#5)

Vue.js Simplified - Conditional Rendering (#4)

Vue.js Simplified - Behind the Scenes (#3)

Vue.js Simplified - The Basics (#2)

Vue.js Simplified - Introduction (#1)

Vue.js Simplified - Event Handling (#6)

Command Line Basics for Web Developers (Terminal / Git Bash)

MySQL Command Line - Database and User Creation

HTTPS / SSL via “Let’s Encrypt” on a Nginx Web Server

HTTPS / SSL via “Let’s Encrypt” on an Apache Web Server

What is HTTPS (SSL) and why every site should use it

Configuring sites/URLs on an Apache web server

Simple Command Line Text Editing with Nano

Configuring sites/URLs on a Nginx web server

Remote Development with VSCode (SSH)

HTTP Basic Authentication - Password Restrict an Entire Site (Nginx)

Custom Laravel Helpers