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Web Developers - How good are your backups? - A PSA for anyone who manages web servers or sites: not only should you have backups in place, you should make sure you understand how to use those backups if needed.
Multiple Laravel apps on a single Nginx server - Deploy unique Laravel applications on a single Nginx server, accessed from separate domains.
New Laravel app on Laragon - How to set up and run Laravel applications with Laragon, an all-in-one server management program for Windows.
SSH Remote development with VSCode - Using VSCode’s Remote SSH extension, you can do development work directly on a remote server. Learn how to set up a new connection and troubleshoot any connection issues.
Sequel Ace - Connecting to a Forge managed databases - These are the settings you need to enter into Sequel Ace to connect to a MySQL / Maria database system on a Forge managed server.
Forge Under the Hood - Scheduler (Cron) - Laravel’s server management service, Forge, has a Scheduler feature which allows you to schedule commands to be run on your server at a set time. This Scheduler feature is just a nice interface for your server’s underlying Cron program. In this guide we’ll learn how to work directly with Cron. You can use this information when troubleshooting or if you decide to cancel your Forge subscription and manage your own servers.
Configuring subdomains on Apache web servers - How to set up a subdomain on a Ubuntu server running Apache. Includes steps to set your DNS settings and configure the server to process the incoming subdomain traffic.
Copy files from a server to your computer using command line / SSH SCP - How to use the SCP (Secure Copy) command to move files or directories from a remote server to your computer (or some other server) via SSH.
Install and configure MySQL / MariaDB (Ubuntu) - Install and configure a MySQL (MariaDB) database service on an Ubuntu server.
Deploy Laravel on Ubuntu Nginx server - How to deploy a Laravel application to a Ubuntu server running Nginx.
Upgrading to PHP 8.2 (Ubuntu with Apache) - Upgrading PHP on an Ubuntu server running Apache.
SSH Keys and Github - Learn how to communicate with Github from your computer/server by authenticating with SSH key pairs.
Fix for SSH Permission Denied (Public Key) - In this guide I’ll go through troubleshooting steps for when you attempt to SSH into a remote server/system using SSH keys as your authentication method and it fails with the error Permission denied (publickey).
Enable Swap Space an Ubuntu server - Easy Backup RAM Memory - One way to increase the responsiveness of a server and prevent out of memory errors is to add swap space. Swap space designates an area of your hard drive where your operating system can temporarily store data that it can no longer hold in RAM.
HTTPS / SSL via “Let’s Encrypt” on an Apache Web Server - Learn how to configure HTTPS on an Apache web server using a free certificate obtained from LetsEncrypt.org.
Configuring sites/URLs on a Nginx web server - Learn how to configure a new site/URL on an Ubuntu server running Nginx. Steps include: Configuring your domain’s DNS settings, creating the site config in Nginx, and testing/debugging your new site.