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VSCode - Disable code hint and hover popups (IntelliSense code completion) - Settings for disabling VSCode’s code hint popups that appear when typing or hovering text
VSCode Remote SSH Keeps disconnecting FIXED - Fix for VSCode SSH Remote Development plugin stuck with errors Disconnected Attempting to reconnect or Setting up SSH Host Initializing VSCode
VSCode - Backup and Reset to Default Settings (Mac) - How to reset VSCode on a Mac to its default state after backing up settings, keybindings, and extensions.
VSCode - Keyboard shortcuts to increase font size instead of zooming window - Learn how to override the default zoom behavior in VSCode so your zoom keyboard shortcuts (Cmd +, Cmd - on Mac or Ctrl +, Ctrl - on Windows/Linux) will zoom in/out just the code pane, not the entire interface.
Remote Development with VSCode (SSH) - Using VSCode’s Remote Development extension, you can do development work directly on a remote server. This offers a lot of benefits versus the traditional approach of running a development server on your own computer.