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Completely uninstall VSCode (Visual Studio Code) on Windows

Video Notes

To completely uninstall VSCode and any preferences/settings related to VSCode from Windows, follow the below steps. This will allow you to (if needed) do a completely fresh install of VSCode.

Step 1) Uninstall program

Search Window’s for “Add or remove programs” and bring up the resulting control panel.

In this panel, search for “visual studio” and you’ll find VSCode listed under Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Click the three dots next to the program name and find the option to Uninstall.

Uninstall VSCode on Windows using "Add or Remove Programs"

Step 2)

To get a truly fresh re-install, you need to also delete a couple directories that contain VSCode related files and settings.

To do that open PowerShell and run these two commands:

> rm ~/APPDATA/Roaming/Code
> rm ~/.vscode

If you skipped this latter step and only completed step 1 (uninstall) you’d find that when you re-install VSCode, some or your previous settings/preferences would still be in place.

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