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Setup PHP CS Fixer in VSCode (junstyle php-cs-fixer) - Format PHP code with php-cs-fixer into VSCode using the junstyle.php-cs-fixer plugin.
YouTube API and Laravel - Building on my YouTube API & PHP series, this guide covers how to communicate with the YouTube API from a Laravel application.
YouTube API & PHP - Edit video details (google-api-php-client) - Edit a video’s details with the YouTube Data API using the google-api-php-client
YouTube API & PHP - Get all videos from a channel (google-api-php-client) - How to get all the videos from a YouTube channel using the YouTube data API, PHP, and google-api-php-client package. Covers paging through the results using tokens.
YouTube API & PHP - Initial setup (google-api-php-client) - How to query the YouTube API using PHP. In this setup video we’ll create and configure a new project in the Google Cloud console, install the package google-api-php-client, and query for the details of a video.
Run phpMyAdmin on a Mac (Herd / DBngin) - How to run phpMyAdmin on a Mac with Apache or Nginx and MySQL.
Upgrading to PHP 8.2 (Ubuntu with Apache) - Upgrading PHP on an Ubuntu server running Apache.
PHP Configuration - Locating and Editing php.ini (Apache, Nginx, PHP FPM) - How to identify and edit PHP’s initialization file (php.ini) which is responsible for configuring many of the aspects of PHP’s behavior.