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Uninstall Laravel Herd on Windows - Completely uninstall Laravel Herd on Windows (including any of its configs and dependencies). Allows for a fresh slate re-install.
Laravel Herd released for Windows - Easy PHP local development - Laravel Herd is now available on Windows.
Run Laravel via a subdirectory on a Nginx server - Nginx site configs for running a Laravel application via a subdirectory, e.g. http://yourdomain.com/admin
Multiple Laravel apps on a single Apache server - Deploy unique Laravel applications on a single Apache server, accessed from separate domains.
8 development server options for Laravel - Summary of development server options for Laravel including: PHP's built-in server, Valet, Herd, Homestead, Docker, Sail, Laragon, XAMPP, MAMP, and WAMP.
YouTube API and Laravel - Building on my YouTube API & PHP series, this guide covers how to communicate with the YouTube API from a Laravel application.
Dynamic environment configs in Laravel Dusk (duskapiconf) - Change application configs on the fly during Dusk tests using the package duskapiconf.
Laravel In a Nutshell - Form Processing (#8) - Form processing and validation in Laravel with some additional practice using Eloquent models to create new data in a database.
Laravel In a Nutshell - Eloquent Models & Seeding (#6) - Interact with database tables in Laravel using their Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) system.
Laravel In a Nutshell - Views & Blade (#4) - How to use the Blade templating language to simplify the process of writing our Views.
Laravel In a Nutshell - Routes (#2) - Laravel’s routing system is used to define all the URLs used in your application. With each route, you’ll specify a URL that will trigger that route and define what should happen when that route is requested.
New Laravel application with Herd and DBngin - How to set up a new Laravel application with Herd and DBngin.
Laravel error: Integrity constraint violation - foreign key constraint fails - How to fix a foreign key constraint fails database error in a Laravel application.
Forge Under the Hood - Scheduler (Cron) - Laravel’s server management service, Forge, has a Scheduler feature which allows you to schedule commands to be run on your server at a set time. This Scheduler feature is just a nice interface for your server’s underlying Cron program. In this guide we’ll learn how to work directly with Cron. You can use this information when troubleshooting or if you decide to cancel your Forge subscription and manage your own servers.
Laravel permissions for storage and bootstrap/cache (Apache or Nginx) - How to identify your web server user and set the correct permissions for Laravel’s storage and bootstrap/cache directories.
Deploy Laravel on Ubuntu Nginx server - How to deploy a Laravel application to a Ubuntu server running Nginx.
Upgrading with Laravel Shift - Full process with useful troubleshooting tips - Upgrading an application with Laravel Shift.
Custom Laravel Helpers - Use custom Laravel helpers to create your own globally accessible functions, just like the built in helpers that Laravel provides.