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Uninstall Laravel Herd on Windows

Video Notes

To completely uninstall Laravel Herd on Windows (including any of its configs and dependencies) you need to complete the following three steps:

  1. Quit Herd
  2. Uninstall Herd
  3. Remove Herd configs and dependencies

Step 1) Quit Herd

Right click the H icon in your task bar and click the power button to quit Herd.

Quit Laravel Herd on Windows

Step 2) Uninstall Herd

Search your computer for "uninstall" and choose Add or remove programs.

Find Herd in the list of programs and click the three dots to find the option to uninstall.

Follow the instructions it gives you to uninstall.

Uninstall Herd via the Add or Remove Programs control panel

Step 3) Remove configs and dependencies

Finally, delete Herd’s configs and dependencies using the following command in PowerShell (or your command line program of choice):

> rm ~/.config/herd
Remove Herd configs via PowerShell

This last step is important to really clear Herd from your computer. If you skip this step and go on to re-install Herd, you’ll find you don’t have a true “blank slate” because any old settings will be carried over.

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