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VSCode - Disable code hint and hover popups (IntelliSense code completion)

Video Notes

If you’re using VSCode and you want to disable the code hints (IntelliSense) that popup as you’re typing, or the popups that appear when you hover your code, add the following configs to your settings.json file:

"editor.quickSuggestions": {
  "other": false,
  "comments": false,
  "strings": false
"editor.hover.enabled": false,
VSCode Settings for disabling code hints as shown in the settings.json file

How to find your settings.json file?

To open your settings.json file goto View > Command Palette

Search settings and choose Preferences: Open User Settings (settings.json)

Learn more

For more details on working with and customizing VSCode’s code completion features check out the docs: Intellisense.

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