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Laravel In a Nutshell - Eloquent Models & Seeding (#6)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Database & Migrations (#5)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Views & Blade (#4)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Controllers (#3)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Intro & Installation (#1)

Laravel In a Nutshell - Routes (#2)

New Laravel application with Herd and DBngin

Migrating Laravel site from XAMPP to Herd and DBngin

Laravel error: Integrity constraint violation - foreign key constraint fails

Sequel Ace - Connecting to a Forge managed databases

Forge Under the Hood - Databases (MySQL / MariaDB)

Forge Under the Hood - Daemons (Supervisor)

Forge Under the Hood - Scheduler (Cron)

Configuring subdomains on Apache web servers

Configuring a subdomain on a Nginx web server

Copy files from a server to your computer using command line / SSH SCP

Laravel fix for 419 Page Expired - CSRF Tokens

Laravel permissions for storage and bootstrap/cache (Apache or Nginx)

Deploying Laravel - MySQL / MariaDB database setup (Ubuntu)

mysql_secure_installation Failed! Error: SET PASSWORD has no significance for user root

Migrate from MySQL to MariaDB (Ubuntu)

Install and configure MySQL / MariaDB (Ubuntu)

Deploy Laravel on Ubuntu Apache server

Deploy Laravel on Ubuntu Nginx server

Vue.js Simplified - FULL COURSE


How to configure a domain and DNS settings with MailGun

Understand DNS settings for email sending (MailGun)

VSCode - Keyboard shortcuts to increase font size instead of zooming window

VSCode - Customize your keyboard shortcuts

Install Composer on a Mac - PHP dependency management

Safely run commands you find online

Upgrading to PHP 8.2 (Ubuntu with Apache)

Upgrading to PHP 8.2 (Ubuntu with Nginx)

Coding Rock, Paper, Scissors with a math equation

Composer require a forked repository

SSH Keys and Github

Common Laravel Installation Issues (500 Server Error)

Fix for SSH Permission Denied (Public Key)

Creating a SSH key connection with a server

Enable Swap Space an Ubuntu server - Easy Backup RAM Memory

PHP Configuration - Locating and Editing php.ini (Apache, Nginx, PHP FPM)

VSCode - Backup and Reset to Default Settings (Mac)

Upgrading with Laravel Shift - Full process with useful troubleshooting tips

Local email testing in Laravel

Quick Guide to Custom VSCode Snippets

Vue.js Simplified - DevTools & Wrap-up (#15)

Vue.js Simplified - Composition API (#14)

Vue.js Simplified - Single File Components (#13)

Vue.js Simplified - Working with Vite and Vue (#12)

Vue.js Simplified - Vite Build System (#11)

PATH Variable (Mac)

PATH Variable (Windows)

Vue.js Simplified - Building FlashWord (#10)

Vue.js Simplified - Computed Properties & Watchers (#9)

Vue.js Simplified - Form Input Binding (#8)

Vue.js Simplified - Attribute Binding (#7)

Vue.js Simplified - Event Handling (#6)

Vue.js Simplified - List Rendering (#5)

Vue.js Simplified - Conditional Rendering (#4)

Vue.js Simplified - Behind the Scenes (#3)

Vue.js Simplified - The Basics (#2)

Vue.js Simplified - Introduction (#1)

Command Line Basics for Web Developers (Terminal / Git Bash)

MySQL Command Line - Database and User Creation

HTTPS / SSL via “Let’s Encrypt” on an Apache Web Server

HTTPS / SSL via “Let’s Encrypt” on a Nginx Web Server

What is HTTPS (SSL) and why every site should use it

Configuring sites/URLs on an Apache web server

Simple Command Line Text Editing with Nano

Configuring sites/URLs on a Nginx web server

HTTP Basic Authentication - Password Restrict an Entire Site (Nginx)

Custom Laravel Helpers

Remote Development with VSCode (SSH)